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Compass School, Southwark

8.30 a.m. Assembly at Compass School

8.30 a.m. Assembly at Compass School

The first stop on the School Tour was Compass School in Southwark. And what a brilliant way to kick things off! Assembly with 140 students, where I read short extracts from Oskar, followed by clips of scientists talking about the brain and how all see the world according to our beliefs.


Then three separate hour-long sessions with groups of 30 students each, dealing with how to face rejection and failure (both of which are just another stepping stone to where you want to get), and the joys of the imagination.

The students were so attentive and engaged, the staff were a delight and the lunch was delicious (veggie cottage pie, in case of interest). All in all, we were very spoilt.

Next stop: Canterbury College.

Later Event: November 23
Canterbury College