Oskar is the ultimate teenage loner. He's been living on the streets since he was a kid, he hates being touched and his eyes are always itchy from chronic conjunctivitis. To perk himself up he paints the misery of mankind. After all, there’s so much of that about!

One day during a not-so-routine eye test his bleak perspective is blown apart, when he tries on a pair of very unusual lenses. The world he glimpses is filled with love, light and joy – and Oskar is furious.

But somehow those lenses have changed his perception for good, revealing the beauty and wonder that surround him. Much against his darker nature, Oskar's behaviour begins to change in ways that he could never, ever have imagined...

The Spectacular Vision of Oskar Dunkelblick

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Published by RedDoor Publishing, the imprint set up by Clare Christian (Young Publisher of the Year and The Friday Project).

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Written with enormous humour and compassion, Oskar and his supporting cast live well beyond the pages of this highly imaginative and haunting tale. Hugely thought-provoking, this would be a fantastic book to read and discuss with young adults
— Sarah Quigley, school librarian, Compass School, Southwark
Deliciously dark humour…an absolute triumph of a character
— Linda Hill
Original and interesting
— Judith Webster, ReadandReview