On the Road Again.

On the Road Again

I’m stroking the soft velvet swatch I snitched from Loaf last week, although it doesn’t quite have the same soothing effect when it’s not attached to a sofa. In front of me several website windows are open on my screen, detailing the most useful items to donate to those being evicted from the Calais camp in the next few weeks. Boots, rucksacks, sleeping bags and waterproof anoraks are top of the wish list. Also, given that there is still no emergency plan to take care of the unaccompanied children once the camp has closed, mobile phones (with GPS) will be vital to keep track of them and so that they can call emergency services if they get into trouble.*

By my feet is a parcel from Feel Unique, the hair and skincare company, which arrived in yesterday’s post. Inside is a plastic, pistachio green bottle of Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Resurfacing Reinforcing Milk, which a lustrous-haired friend recommended. Studying the label with the curious selection of adjectives used to describe what is basically a hair conditioner, I can’t help wondering if whoever came up with the name, wasn’t simultaneously working on some highway maintenance manual.

In the afternoon I sift through some photographs taken in Calais by one of CalAid ’s founders. One picture shows a boy of about 12, sitting quietly on a chair amongst the tents, having his hair cut. Another shows a boy, no older than 10, cheerfully helping the aid workers carry some boxes. I can't use their images because there have been cases of children being targeted for sex trafficking, after their pictures and location have been made public on the internet. But I wonder what will happen to these two boys when the camp is evicted. 

One thing is clear – we need to keep up the pressure for the government to stick to their Dubs Amendment promise of granting asylum to unaccompanied refugee minors. And they need to allow in those children with relatives in the UK (almost 400 in Calais) as quickly as possible. 

To this end, several refugee charities have organised a demonstration in Parliament sq, London on Saturday, 15th October, 2 pm.

Just as I’m knocking off for the day, I receive an email from Team Feel Unique.

Hi Hattie,

Thanks for shopping with us! We hope you have enjoyed your purchase and would love to hear all about your Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Resurfacing Reinforcing Milk 150 ml while it's still fresh in your mind.

I toy with sending a reply. Well, since you ask, I’m thrilled! My hair, and in fact my whole head, now resembles the recently re-tarmacked section of the A 249 near Sittingbourne: wonderfully resistant and cement-y, satisfyingly resurfaced and reinforced. Talk about Feeling Unique!

But then I remember there’s probably better ways to spend my time.

What you can do.

*Max, who has been working with unaccompanied children in the Jungle Books café in Calais, has set up a Just Giving page with his friend Molly, where £65 will buy a solid pair of shoes, a backpack and a mobile phone (with GPS). If this is too much, just give what you can.

To donate phone credit : https://mydonate.bt.com/charities/phonecreditforrefugees

To donate sleeping bags, mats, walking boots etc : www.leisurefayre.com 

To speed up the process of allowing unaccompanied child refugees into the UK: Help Refugees

To donate to CalAid  

CalAid Facebook