Ally Pally Hosts London’s Spectacular Drive-In Cinema.

Drive-In Film Club  waitress.jpg

Hanker after those old-school days of Drive-Ins? Yearn to take your sweetheart to the movies and show off your shiny motor at the same time? If so, the spanking new Drive-In Cinema at Alexandra Palace, brought to you by those savvy screen merchants at the Rooftop Film Club, is just the ticket. With its thrilling selection of cult and recent releases, as well as hot dogs/fresh popcorn delivered straight to your car door by roller-skating staff, what’s not to love? The programme includes Grease (silly not to), Blade Runner and American Psycho along with Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Casablanca and a whole load more. Tickets are just £22 per car (regardless of how many movie lovers are crammed inside).


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